Monday, 12 January 2015

Before I carry on with my story from where I left off... last night as I was thinking about where to take this blog next, I remembered when I had heard the Doctor say Fibromyalgia, my very inquisitive brain couldn't wait to go home and search it up!  I also immediately told my sister about it, and low and behold she had heard about it!  I couldn't believe she knew about it because a)she's younger and b)I think I'm smarter (he he - she'll love that!)... but what she said to me blew me away!  She said, "Oh yeah, I know about it, they call that the 'lazy person disease' here in Canada."  I was thinking at the time 'what the .... bleep'!  I wasn't about to even consider having a lazy persons disease. I was the furthest kind of person from being lazy.  I have many days where I don't stop, I don't sit until sitting down for tea with my family.  How do people come about making such a judgement on a disorder or disease?  Is it because you can't see it? Anyone who experiences fibro pain understands if you are having a flare up, you have to force yourself to move!  How does that make you lazy? If anything doesn't it make you stronger than anyone?  To be so exhausted or so sore that you have to tell your brain to make your body move?  I'd like to know why this is called the lazy person disease in North America.  How in the world did that happen?  

I also am hoping to introduce some illustrations on this site! YES, illustrations.  You are probably wondering how drawings are going to compliment this blog?!  How can you draw about fibro?  Well, truth be told, I can't... but my husband can.  We have a bit of a dark and sick sense of humor (he is British you know!).  His humour is darker and sicker but I adore him none the less.  We thought it would be funny if he drew some cartoons to express his point of view but you mustn't get offended because it is all in good fun.  For example, when my symptoms started, and there was a slight, ever so slight concern we could be looking at a very serious disease like MS, and we had to consider this... so we decided whatever diagnoses we were going to laugh, and poke fun at me and ourselves, because you know - and I love this saying - 'it could always be worse'.  So over time I hope that he will draw some cartoons so that we can enjoy his dark sense of humor.  

At times I still think they (the medical individuals I have seen) have it wrong... I am not very accepting of having a disorder, or being labelled as unwell, sick, ailing, or anything that makes me feel or sound feeble and unable to cope!  I also think if they have it wrong, and they are giving me pills for the wrong thing, will they one day say 'oops, we've been treating you for this, but you have that' and I have lost years of being correctly treated?  I don't know... maybe some of you feel the same way? 

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