Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Today I was wondering if there was a connection in the pain in my chest to the numbing in my hands?  I actually felt as if my chest bone was inflamed, which is not usually the case they say with Fibro, that there isn't inflammation just the pain.  I would beg to differ with costochondritis.  I tried to look back and see if I wrote about this before... sometimes I think about something to write and then can't remember if I did - I am hoping this is fibrofog, or maybe I'm just too busy!!!  So... I had a spell of  days of costochondritis (which is one of my more common symptoms) -  yes it is a mouthful and I had to google to see why this bothered me so much... apparently it is common in FMS but how common?  I HATE it.  I tell it to go away (usually in my mind ha!)... because I get so bloody tired of hurting in the chest, sometimes I swear it is heart related but EVERYONE assures me its not - God I hope not!!!  So check out a link I found out about it and discover more about what we have to go through!!!

Another link I found was related to low b12 which I do remember (whew) writing about early on in my blog.  This may still be part of the numbing and tingling I have but seems no one wants to follow up on that including my Dr and Neurologist who still hasn't been in touch to follow up on my last testing!  And so it goes... interesting links though - worth a read so you can help determine your results and whether you need to bang on at your health professional to help you on this journey with a million symptoms!

One thing I didn't want to do is use this blog as a complaining avenue... and I hope it doesn't seem like it... I surely just want to share what I hear and experience along the way so that maybe you can pick something up that might help you too.  Crikey, the last thing I want to do is virtually complain!  

As always, keep the chins up out there!  ;)

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