Saturday, 21 February 2015

So, I've been taking Gaba for a year now.  Ok, so some relief, and strangely when I have maybe accidentally forgotten to bring them on a work trip or just forgotten which maybe has been 3x ever, I felt pretty rough.  What I find very confusing is whether I just felt rough or I felt rough because I wasn't on Gaba?  So I had a look and found this quite interesting website:
I thought 7.2/10 wasn't so bad and it is great to have some other comparisons i.e Lyrica and Cymbalta (both of which my sister has taken/tried) and had various results.  At least I can see feedback and how other Fibroees feel on the different drugs.  All I know is that I can't be in a zombie state, and I won't ever go back to that again.  

If Gaba is meant to assist with removing the numbness and tingling that hasn't fully worked.  I still struggle with this mostly in my hands... and wonder if this is part of Fibro or something else or something more sinister? (da da daaaah!) Lately though I have had some serious 'fire in the blood' which normally affects me mostly at night, now it enters my daytime life which I am not too impressed about!  I'm supposed to see my Dr again, and have been waiting to hear from him to say he's had contact from the neurologist but find myself imagining myself as a dusty, web encased skeleton before that ever happens!  Does anyone else feel like that?!  Part of me is being stubborn and thinking I should just wait, part of me thinks, here we will go again and I will get noncommittal info, more drugs to try, and more appts or more tests.  Do we all just keep going back to hear that there isn't enough info about Fibro and just keep doing what you're doing?  I dunno?  

My sister had her Rheumatology appt, and another disappointment for her, and I remember going to appt after appt with disappointment after disappointment - ha that is actually funny reading it again, I'll keep it there to see how many giggles I can get!  I wonder what the history of that word is... so I guess she went home and slept she was so upset and was once again frustrated, I don't even think she got a Fibro diagnoses? But after telling her she didn't have arthritis he doubled her Celebrex? (Oxymoron?!).  Also maybe she should walk with a cane, exercise more, eat right and lose weight, which she is constantly doing, her foot goes to the gym more than my whole body and she's 6 years younger.  I tell her that is why she has so many problems getting help, because most Dr's and specialists don't think younger/ish people can have this much wrong with them!!!  I just don't get it and it makes me sad and frustrated for her, as much as I am for me but more for her because she is young and doesn't have a supportive partner!  That is a big deal!  I reckon it can be the difference between getting through each day sometimes!  Find all the support you can get, be good to yourself and keep staying positive!!!  

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  1. Hi, I know that feeling oh so well.. "here we will go again"... so many doctors, so many tests...
    About the tingling and "fire in blood' (good description) I get this most weeks and it keeps me up about once a week unable to sleep. I've had fibro 10 years and it was one of my first symptoms. My mum gets it and she doesn't have fibro. Certain foods seem to make it worse in me. Many people with autoimmune conditions also get this pain and tingling.
    Sorry to hear about your sister.
    Best wishes to you and her