Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hello all the people who are interested in Fibromyalgia.  I can't believe it... I had 5 sleeps undisturbed, non painful, no fire in my blood, then 1 night when a storm came through where I couldn't sleep at all... then last night a sleep from 9pm-7am, literally perfect!  What the heck are the chances?  I haven't been here in YEARS!  What does it mean?  Out of the blue?  My husband said, "what have you done differently?" - nothing!  Did I eat differently?  I don't think so?  I know one thing for sure is that I slept, and that makes a WORLD of difference.  Proper sleep makes me feel real, makes me feel like I can cope, makes me feel like I don't have fibromyalgia - I know... don't get carried away right?!!!  Ha!

So today I wanted to type about my sisters ridiculous journey with the health professionals she has been dealing with.  I know for a fact the first thing they do is look at her age!  She is young in their eyes, so first off they pre-judge!  She is 36.  And for years she has struggled for anyone to take her serious with her health issues.  She has all the symptoms of Fibro.  All of them!!!  One doctor, the one who got everything else wrong said she probably has Fibro, but she went to a Rheumatologist who didn't even mention it.  It wasn't even part of the discussion!   Yes she has arthritis, she also has about every other single symptom Fibro has listed... the unfortunate thing is she seems to either have CFS as well or a good mix of both... but age seems to continue to be at the forefront of all of the health professionals minds.  Anyone can have FMS!

I am a bit worried about our eldest, sometimes out of nowhere things hurt!  Her shoulders, her back and sometimes her hips... I don't ever want to suggest it!  However, as a teen she is keen to say it... maybe I've got Fibro mum - eeek!  No, please no, oh dear Lord no!!!  I don't want to think she has, she is definitely the personality type who wouldn't do well with an early diagnoses.  She is not like me in that way... I am probably still slightly in denial... and I struggle not to be - but that is only because I don't want to have it.  But who does right?  I have been reading so much lately about Fibro and all the relative issues with being positive, having a good mental attitude, and so forth, and I am a huge believer of all of this, and now science says so... so I will continue to keep my thoughts bright and positive so my telomeres get longer or stay long and my cytokines stay in check!

An article I recently looked into was about Fibro and the heart.  I don't want to introduce any bad news on this blog, but studies suggest that heart disease is higher in Fibro sufferers... Whaaaat?!  I told me sister this, well actually she sent me an article I didn't understand and I googled what it actually meant and found out that that gobbledy gook was a direct relation to how Fibro affects the heart.  Um YIKES!  It's just good to be aware isn't it?


I don't necessarily think it will be the case for any or all of us... but I know that I don't want to be brushed aside by my Doctor when I say I have chest pains, and he thinks it is just the muscles around my chest that are causing pain!!!

Be positive, and remember knowledge is power, including finding out as much as we can about our disorder!!!  Good luck out there.  Rest well and take care of you!

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