Wednesday, 1 April 2015

It's been so long since I have had such long reprieve from the stronger symptoms of Fibro (2.5 weeks!), I have been so pleased without the regular aches and pains I can't explain how good it feels!  These are the days we have to live life to its fullest!  To feel what it is like for most people.

Even though I have some mild symptoms that last for a few hours, I look at them as little reminders not to get too cocky! Like believing that I will be done with this, because that is the tricky bit, it won't go away, there is always a chance for a flare up... but I can still be positive about it!  To hope it lasts for as long is it can!  It is the small things isn't it?!

I have a few other links I have found to post - but will do later tonight!  Keep your chins up out there!

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