Thursday, 2 July 2015

Yesterday marked the day that I re-realised how important it is to have a Dr that believes that Fibromyalgia is a real syndrome.  I have been waiting to see the Neurologist that prescribed Gabapentin to me and re-ordered the nerve conduction study.  He said to me and wrote in a letter to the Dr that we would meet again after the results to discuss our next move.  So I waited, and waited, and waited... I ignorantly thought that I was in the system and it was just taking a LONG time to get in to see him, which usually does happen, YES about a year wouldn't be unheard of in our Public system.  I queried this with the Dr via email and I did say there is no point in making an appt to see him to just 'query' where we are at with my re-booking of the Neurologist... he agreed!!!  He even said there is no point.  So in my stubborn way I had to wait until I 'needed' to go to the Dr for something - so that I didn't feel like I was wasting yet another $45!  I'm not having a moan here I promise - I just want to prove a point to everyone that you need to see the signals and not feel bad for changing Dr's, because for some unknown reason I have felt loyal and I shouldn't if I am not going to be taken seriously!!!

So to make a long story short... I booked in because I hurt my shoulder lifting heavy boxes... made my appt... and incorporated this sore shoulder with a discussion about where we are at with my 'real life long problem'!.  Once again - I was let down.  The Dr was condescending in a way that made me sad for all of his patients that might have a chronic pain disorder that didn't have a proper diagnoses model.  He wasn't even able to 'say' that I had Fibro even though I have been properly diagnosed by a Rheumotologist.  When we were discussing my issues, again, he was asking me exactly how it felt - how can you describe it???  I tried to distinguish between my all over aching from the numbing and tingling in my hands because that has been my real problem lately, the one that does wake me or keep me from getting proper sleep at night!  He looked up the letter from the Neurologist (which I asked someone to do months ago) and YES indeed he said he wanted a follow up after my last nerve conduction... and my Dr just 'filed' the letter when he got it because it basically said that my test was normal (in that they don't think I need another carpal tunnel surgery)... WTF????  I had this test done in Aug 2014, he would have gotten my results around then!  I've been waiting since then just thinking I was in the system 'waiting to see the neurologist'.  Hence my huge ramble today... don't take for granted that you are being watched out for in the system, because you are not!!!  I kind of did trust that my Dr wouldn't just 'file' my result and that was it.  So what?  I just carry on living with prescriptions and wander along with the numbing and tingling, possibly not even associated with Fibro?  Isn't it great to just have all your symptoms just dumped in the Fibro box...

My husband said to me ages ago change Dr's.  I guess I felt like I had unfinished business with him.  I kind of did.  It just solidified to me that even today, after all the available studies and science behind Fibro that it is a recognised problem... but I guess for my Dr it isn't and it is just a central nervous system disorder that doesn't have a name.

Next appt is to see the Neurologist for my follow up, Heaven knows how long that will take!  They usually take 6-12 months to get in.  Meantime I am to increase my Gabapentin and continue with Tramadol for flair ups, Panadol for everyday pain, Omeprazole for the tummy upsets (links to FMS), GF because some of my symptoms might be from an allergy or not, and now anti-inflams for my shoulder bursitis, I am literally a walking PILL BOTTLE, anyone else feel like that LOL!!!

I know you can all relate, that is why I feel like I can type all this waffle, because I know that you will read it and I can see your head nodding in agreement because we have all or are all going through this together!

This is just another day in the life of right?  Meantime I am reading a book that I am hoping will help me on my journey, The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle!  It is calming me (yeah right you say after that big complaining blog! LOL) and I feel better generally!  The positiveness and enlightenment will make the difference for everyone who reads it!  Give it a shot!

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  1. Yes I do agree and only people with fibro or other chronic illnesses can relate. I have had to learn the hard way that we must be pro active in our own health and I have changed doctors more times than I care to think about!
    Thanks for being part of Fibro Bloggers Directory.