Sunday, 9 August 2015

It has been far, far, far too long!  I have missed blogging!  Every day I think I will get a chance to blog, and have a look at some other Fibro blogs and then the time disappears... 

Part of the reason I wanted to blog today was because I was thinking about my blog awhile ago when I wrote about 'fire in my blood'.   When I have a rough night I just have to say to my hubby in the morning - 'fire' last night... he is so understanding.  I wonder how many people are without this kind of support?! It worries me.  I don't know how I could live this fibro life without my lovely hubby!!

I have had some good weeks and bad weeks as you all will know out there, that 'such is the life' of chronic pain... I tossed and turned all night trying to find a comfortable position and decided that it wasn't just fire in my blood last night... it was dull daggers in and out of my joints!  I'm not sure if that is progression in pain to fire in the blood or equal?!  

After all these years I still can't get my head around the word 'chronic'... on those really good days I still think, 'yay, I'm healed' but it is oh so temporary.  Why do I think that it is over? When it won't ever be over?!  And so the meaning in the dictionary says: lasting a long time: of a disease, deep seated or long continued.  So it is true!  How can I not remember that this is the way it goes... maybe fibro fog gets the best of me on those days and I forget that chronic means it isn't going away?!  Isn't 'deep seated' so very, very true too.  It is the worst kind of deep, deep in the blood, deep in the bones, deep in the joints, deep in every cell you feel the sharp edge of it all.  

I wonder, in 2005 there were 5 million Americans affected by fibromyalgia, how many more in 2015?!  That isn't even worldwide!  In searching statistics I found this site, but I am sure there are plenty more out there that can determine how many people are affected.

So strange that with so many affected that there is still so much vagueness surrounding this #2 rheumatic condition next to Osteoarthritis at #1.  I say, what is up with that???  I suppose we can only hope that over time there will be a successful and passionate scientist who can find what we need to get rid of chronic pain and illnesses!!!


  1. Hi. Hope you are ok. I am here to encourage you to keep telling your story.

    1. Hi Lee... Thanks for checking on me! I am ok, I've been very pressed for time! I was waiting for results on my b12 and wanted to see Doctor for the next step before coming back to my blog... I still don't know what is happening but I am excited to write about coming off Gabapentin! I hope to write again soon. Thanks again for checkin in :)