Saturday, 17 October 2015

It has been ages.
I have so much to type - but it will have to be after Monday!
The latest visit to the Neurologist was so enlightening!  And as I have typed before... it doesn't give me great assurance or belief in our medical systems... we are now pursuing the lowb12 route, I have another b12 test on Monday.  After that I will be back and if it is low, I'll tell you the next step, if it is normal... then I don't know what!!!

Meantime - check out some of the b12 deficiency symptoms, they tie in with lots of Fibro symptoms, not saying you have one or the other, because as my latest Neurologist said you can have more than 1 syndrome or disease, and unfortunately Doctors quite often put people with Fibro in the Fibro box whatever you may be presenting.

Google low b12.  Get tested too, just to be sure.

I'll be back soon!
I've missed this release!

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