Sunday, 31 January 2016

It's been awhile!!
Mostly because I've tried to find the time... Between having a job, studying (yes I'm a crazy gal!), being a mum, and a wife and having chronic pain!! Yeeeeeehaw!! I'm at a crossroads and thought why not change my life, it distracts me from the pain sometimes! Oh. And also travelling to see unwell family on another continent keeps me busy too...

Speaking of travel, this is the worst my body was affected over the years, I felt everything 100 fold, so I suppose I'm guessing fibro gets worse with age?! I haven't read too much about this when I have been looking. Probably on top of regular travelling issues like swelling feet fibro has a great ol'time deep down in the system, digging to the depths into the pain thresholds--seeing how far it can push. It sure took its toll on me and I think I'm fairly young for all that jazz!

I'd like to share a link my sister sent to me as I recently told her I think I either was misdiagnosed or have have another chronic disease to contend with... Why? Well about 8 weeks ago my knuckles swelled and began aching particularly at night -- I was able to remove my rings (with difficulty, and oil!! Lol) and have never been able to put them back on... I still have one on but now will have to have it removed probably by cutting it off!!! Tragic. So I started looking up what else besides the obvious arthritis... Turns out many rhuemo arthritic patients get misdiagnosed with fibro all the time?!! Even with testing early on Dr's write high results as red herrings... So since the knuckle swelling my other hands knuckles and sometimes my foot ache and cause me severe discomfort... So this leads me to this link:

I have yet to find a new doctor -- so I have struggled recently to cope with the pain somewhat... I'm sure that it's a form of arthritis, and it's possible and common I understand to have both an arthritis and fibro, and I suppose I just think as always it could be worse right? Always thinking of those worse off, I feel for them and yet am thankful that I'm only in as much pain and discomfort as I am!!!

Last time I wrote I said doctors were thinking my numbness was due to my low b12, but reading further into rheumatoid arthritis this is a common symptom, and it would explain a helluva a lot... No surgery has been successful, I take supplements for b12 and continue to struggle with the constant numbness at night usually, which is when the knuckles seem to ache the most... However so interesting to find out that doctors had me on omeprezole for my tummy issues and also for my sensitivity to NSAIDs - but did not put two and two together that this can cause lowb12 as the antacids stops absorption of b12, yet they've continued to prescribe me... So how does this work? How do doctors seem perplexed by these symptoms, and seem to be part of the cause... Why do they do loads of test and tell you you have low b12 and that this is causing one thing or another but not know that this is a problem. I had to find this out on my own... I'm feeling let down yet again by the general medical industry, actually even specialists! No one seems to communicate about their patients to one another... Quite simply put... I'm over it! I wish to find a doctor who actually pays attention and knows that a+b=c. Heaven knows that they get paid enough for their supposed expertise.

I guess I started to blog to share and help... And don't wish to be a whining snivelling blogger who just moans about life as a chronic pain sufferer. Which I hope I don't sound like, so as always I hope that you can find something helpful, or even have some answers to share on this possibly similar pain journey we are on. Thanks for being a reader and thanks for letting me read!!


  1. Hi, I have many of the same issues as you - sensitivity to NSAIDs, tingling and numbness in fingers and toes and can't wear any of my rings anymore! I have so many conditions (most are autoimmune) and Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis I don't know what causes what! like you I try not to complain but sometimes it's good to get it off your chest especially to someone else who understands. Thanks for joining in at Fibro Friday. Great to see you blogging again.

  2. Thanks! I am happy to be feeling somewhat better with Celebrex. However my hands are still bad and I find it very frustrating. The aching and tingling can be so overwhelming. I don't have the strength any more in my left hand, barely to hold a pot.... Grrr when you love cooking!! Thanks for your ongoing support!!