Sunday, 30 April 2017

Once again... I have left the blog for far too long!
I have still been reading, and theres been some pain along the way as well, no surprises there, BUT I have been flare up free or mild for awhile now.  I read a recent article about blood vessels and fibro:

Although I read this theory awhile ago it is now just showing up again and as 'Breaking News', so if it was breaking news in 2016, can it be breaking news in 2017, same article etc.  I can't stand the CNN banner style 'Breaking News'... I find this very disconcerting.  It's almost a bit like a joke.  Many of us are constantly checking for new news on fibro, real news, updates on studies, a cure, anything that would be useful and helpful to inform us on this very confusing disorder.

From all the things I have read I feel strongly that is is auto-immune linked, but there are articles out there that suggest it is too complicated and not science based to put it in this basket.
More info in this link.

There are so many links between certain symptoms or side symptom to fibro sufferers, I found another one that didn't surprise me at all.  Both my sister and I, and possibly my mother who was undiagnosed fibro sufferer (we think) but can't ask her (RIP), have issues with ulcers or gastro issues if you like.  You'd think that if a worldwide questionnaire went out most fibro sufferers would all be linked and the scientists could do a correlation on the most common and then pinpoint their studies on these... I bet it wouldn't take too long to get an answer.  I'm not talking all the symptoms we know but these overlapping ones, like gastro intestinal issues, etc.  I personally think they should be looking at even smaller ones like reactions to bee-stings and other odd immune responses.  You can see where this is leading again.  I firmly believe that fibro sufferers have more in common with autoimmune issues than they do muscularly etc.  Most people quite often brush of those allergy type symptoms as normal allergic reactions, as I did for many years, but the more my sister and I share our symptoms and links to studies and news on fibro the more I believe it is genetically linked as well!  That there is a true connection to genes and it is a proper disease that many go undiagnosed particularly the older generation like our mum, who struggled with all the same type symptoms but the old fashioned unrecognised, all in your mind diagnoses is what she would have gotten.  

It is very unsettling to know that there are so many suffering worldwide, and there are still many who have an old fashioned view on it.  When I say many I usually mean doctors!  How do we get around this?  Big question!  I don't really know myself, after all these years, I HATE going to the doctors because no matter what chances are whatever I am experiencing will be automatically linked to fibro and a prescription ensues or I don't get taken seriously... it's a sad day when a fibro sufferer has to go to yet another appointment and be deflated or walk way rattling with pills.

No matter...the only consolation until we have an answer is knowing we are in it together.  From one fibro sufferer to the next, I know how you feel, and I know it isn't easy!  Keep reading positive and inspirational text, and keep others informed of any news you find, so we can get through as one.

Go well!

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