Sunday, 12 November 2017

Life has been ever-changing for me at the moment, it has taken me from updating my blog regularly.  With the changes my symptoms have been very up and down as well.  I know that some have said stress is a related factor in flare ups for Fibro sufferers.

I can't say that changing career is 100% stressful, it is also exciting and new.  So I haven't felt the severe flare ups I have had in the past but I still have moments, they usually are lasting 24-48 hours as opposed to a few days as they have in past.  So maybe I either have better management or I'm just learning to ignore ha ha!  Wouldn't that be fantastic to be able to ignore our pain.  

There are a few things I've noticed that have made a difference, one thing is I make sure I do my stretches every day (gentle stretching), not quite yoga but just stretching out those muscles and being mindful about it.  Another thing I've been doing is having a 'super green' smoothie every morning (I take a break on weekends)... if anything this is the biggest change for me and I would have to say I am certainly feeling better all over for it.  Don't get me wrong, I still hurt everyday - why wouldn't I??? Chronic pain is a b-tch we all know it!  But I am hurting on a lower scale 1,2,3 as opposed to 4-5 regularly.  Of course there is no scientific bases to these super greens but for me, it feels like they are working some sort of magic...  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'll try anything to minimise the discomfort.

I've also started drinking a Tumeric latte, there is mounds of studies on Tumeric's ability to help with muscle and joint pain.  I know it all sounds very 'hippy' but like I said, I'm keen to try anything that may attribute to lessening the aches and pains.

On to other things...did you know that Lady Gaga has fibro?!!  I didn't, and imagine living that life with fibro... it's inspiring to know that someone who works so hard and entertains for a living can manage fibro and continue as she does.  If you are interested in reading here is an article I found:
I love Lady Gaga more now than ever - not only does she inspire with her music and her grounded attitude, she suffers like the rest of us, and is obviously open and understanding to people with chronic pain and fibro.  

Once again, I always aim to get onto blogging and I will continue to try with my busy schedule, I sure miss it when I don't!!  Go well, sleep well, rest well, eat well, and take good care of you!

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  1. Hi, I'm like you - I'll try anything to minimise the discomfort. I don't expect magic but I do think we can minimise the pain at least some of the time. Also you've got to try lots of things to see what works for you. Everybody is different. great to read your posts again.