Wednesday, 17 January 2018

I know I have mentioned this in a previous blog, but it has come back to me after reading another Fibro blog recently and her words rung a bell within me... she, yet another person with Fibro, has also had an accident in the past resulting in whiplash.  I hunt high and low for information about Fibro, but again the percentage of articles and information is outstanding of those who have suffered with whiplash and now suffer with Fibro.

Have a read of this article I found, and prepare yourself... it is long and there are lots of big words but there are also lots of studies suggesting that whiplash has long lasting effects, long after the injury has even healed.  Once again I am not saying this is the answer, I am just saying it feels so consequential, and bloody interesting.

Food for thought:

There is plenty to read out there about Fibro and current studies, I just hope and pray that one day it will all be clear!  Just don't read the one from the Irish Neurosurgeon who says whiplash and chronic pain are all made up... that was a boring and laughable article!

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