Monday, 6 June 2016

Today I had a wee bit of time to have a look around at the latest blogs, and Fibro sites, and I came across many that had one core element that flowed through all blogs and sites... this will be of no surprise to you, as it wasn't to me, but found it reaffirming that we (chronic pain sufferers) are all in the same boat.  Do you want to have a guess what that core element was?  Now's your chance, before I tell you!  I'm so curious how many of you guessed it...

It was well and truly the 'inconsistency' of this syndrome.  The surprise element.  The fact that you don't know if you are going to sleep well tonight, hurt here or there, all over, or not, feel extreme pain, or light pain, aching or tingling or both, will you have my favourite symptom of what feels like 'fire in your blood'?  You don't know if you will feel well enough today, tomorrow, next week or next month.  You don't know if you will be able to present in a meeting without brain fog, or will you struggle to find the words?  Will you rest well tonight, or lay awake urging yourself to sleep?  This seems to be the core element, the consistent inconsistency of this major illness that affects so many.  I for one after years of having it still can't get my head around it.  I know that it pounces, out of nowhere, like a young kitten and a moving string... you don't know when it is going to hit, or how hard.  What a life!  To be a Fibro sufferer is to be a person with stamina for the unexpected.

I was sad to hear a very good friend of mine from my home country has recently been diagnosed with fibro.  We hadn't been in touch heaps over the years, but she is like a niece who has always been there, in the background living her life and being successful in business and as a mother.  She is in her early 30's and all I can think of is her journey in life now, with the knowledge that a) she really doesn't know what is ahead with this illness and b) that she will be able to cope, but she won't feel like she can right now... I told her that it took me a few years to actually get my head around the truth of this illness, it took me that long to stop denying it and looking for other answers... (and I still have my moments!).  I wish for her, that she will be able to still have a positive outlook considering the super inconsistencies associated with this illness, and know that one thing for sure is she isn't alone.  Sometimes trolling through the internet is the worst thing  you can do, and sometimes it is super helpful.  Depending on your mood and what you are looking for.  Which is exactly why I originally started this blog... so I hope that she, and others who are new to the life of chronic pain, or fibro or anything along the lines of... will find that reading about others and their journey is so helpful, it shows that you are not alone, it shows the varying symptoms, trials and tribulations of the sufferers.  

There was one link I found that was rather interesting and informative with many links to other documents and sites, I thought I would share with you today.
Hopefully you find it useful or informative too:

Until next time... try and sleep well, eat well, be mindful, take good care.


  1. I so agree with you about what it was like when first getting this diagnosis "it took me a few years to actually get my head around the truth of this illness, it took me that long to stop denying it". On my blog, Fibro Files, I talk about finally facing fibro after 10 years! I must admit that acceptance was a major breakthrough in getting on with my life and finding ways of coping. Thanks for the interesting link.

    1. Definitely acceptance is a breakthrough, sometimes we have to accept more than once ha! As long as we know we aren't alone out there I think that is half the battle for sure.

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